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Stacey Monk

I hope you know just how much you are loved. xo!

Dear Mom,

I hope you know everything I do is a reflection of who you made me. I'm still the little girl who learned from your example how to hold on to hope. Even (especially) when so many others might have given up, you never did.

You taught me how to find myself when I think everything is lost.

You taught me how to be kind, how to be compassionate, how to share what's in my heart, how to be strong, how to love. Really love. You taught me not to waiver in my convictions, even when it's hard.

You've always made me feel like I can do anything.

So Mom, this one's for you. I may not succeed, but I will give everything, everything I have to make you proud of the little girl you raised and the woman I've become.

I love you so much.

Stacey Bea


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