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  • 7 Ways to Show Mom You Love Her
    To Mama With Love is running an international collaborative art project to honor mothers. Users can create a “heartspace” with a donation to Epic Change, a non-profit that empowers women in countries such as Afghanistan, Nepal and Tanzania. Heartspaces are online cards that you can fill with images, text and video to send to the women in your life. [...]

  • Echoes of My Mother
    Mother’s Day’s a tricky one. I’m so proud to be a mother, and so in love with my children. But there’s also the hole where my own mother is supposed to be. After raising her three daughters, my mother began taking classes in writing for children at the New School in New York. [...]

  • A Mother’s Day Marketing Tip
    I don’t use this space for personal stuff, but I’ll make an exception for several reasons. 1) My mother died when I was 12 and truth be told I probably never “got over it” 2) Overall in the world, women still get treated poorly and do most of the work to hold a family together. (generalization, yeah but anyone want to debate me on that one I’m open) [...]

  • To Suraya With Love
    I’ve been working on this post for weeks and it has been through all sorts of iterations. It mattered so much to me, and I wanted so much to ‘get it right’. And then this week news feeds have been running hot with responses to the death of Osama Bin Laden as debates raged about what it meant to celebrate the death of another human being. If all this talk of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, or of killing our ‘enemies’, makes your heart or your stomach ache, then I want you to know you are not alone. [...]

  • Helping Mama Lucy build her secondary school
    Last year y’all might remember I blogged about Mama Lucy who, unlike Madonna the millionaire, built a primary school in Tanzania. It worked and still works, the school was built, the kids turned up and some of them are now ready to go to secondary school. [...]

  • To Mama With Love.
    Recently a good photographer friend of mine asked if I wanted to be part of something amazing. Of course I said “YES” and donated an original print for To Mama With Love to help. Please click on the photograph below to learn more! [...]

  • Show Your Mama Some Love
    Show some love in the next fews at To Mama With Love, a creative social fundraiser that leverages the emotional connection we feel with our own mothers or our own pride of being a mom. Epic Change is inviting everyone to participate in an online collaborative art project to honor moms around the Globe. [...]

  • today i said i love you and changed the world.
    Today I told my Mom how much I love her. I told her how much she means to me and thanked her for always believing in me. No matter how rough of a situation it’s been, or how much trouble I’ve been in (believe it or not, I wasn’t always as angelic as I am now…), my Mom has always been right by my side. Time and time again, she’s been the hint of optimism shining through the bad situation. She is the one who picks my head up, talks some sense into me and steers me back on path with [...]

  • To (Feminist) Mama, With Love
    In our house growing up, we used the F word alot. Yea, it's the one you're thinking of. Feminist. As much as it was back then, feminist is still a loaded word. So loaded this fantastic blog by and for teen feminists is called The F-bomb. So loaded, many people will start statements with qualifiers that go something like "I wouldn't call myself a feminist, but..." and then go on to say something seriously, like, feminist. The word is still so loaded there is actually something called "feminist coming out day" with pictures whose caption is "this is what a feminist looks [...]

  • To Mama with Love
    Those of us who work in the “social good” arena professionally come in contact with many good causes to support. This is the first of periodic “thematic” blog posts on charities/causes I like and why. Inspired by the wonderful folks at Epic Change and to honor my mother, today’s blog focuses on Mother’s Day which is Sunday, May 8th in many parts of the world. [...]

  • To Mama With Love continues to make Epic Change
    Motherhood… That sense of actualized love… ~ sees and senses a need, no matter how great or small. ~ responds to that need. ~ that tenderly cares for and nurtures its own and then some. ~ that does whatever it takes to ensure those being cared for are fully and finally sustained, stabilized and supplied. ~ that stops at nothing to guarantee protection, sustainance, warmth, and security. [...]

  • How to create love online: To Mama with Love
    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, let’s give props to To Mama With Love, a collaborative online art project that honors moms across the globe and raises funds to invest in remarkable women who are transforming our world. An initiative of Epic Change, the folks behind Tweetsgiving, To Mama With Love is simply about creating and spreading love. [...]

  • Mom.
    From you, I learned the value of giving of myself. From you, I learned to be a great mother . From you, I learned to have confidence to be myself. From you, I learned to be happy. I’m beyond grateful. I love you. [...]

  • To Mama With Love
    I am blessed with an amazing mama and family. They have shaped me and on a daily basis provide me with inspiration and opportunity that is beyond my wildest expectations. When I reflect on celebrating the mamas in my life, I think of many people, and many who may not fit the traditional definition of motherhood. I consider people who give birth by means of creating and producing; by providing and nurturing. [...]

  • A Change U Wish Post
    When I was a kid, I used to love these almost- summer days when the sun was lingering around, his last rays peering in through the shutters of my bedroom as I was going to bed. I was home, in bed, safe, mum nearby. [...]

  • Your Mama
    There’s an amazing phenomenon happening online – a wonderful campaign ToMamaWithLove being led by the innovative US 501c3 nonprofit behind TweetsGiving, “one of the first events to harness Twitter for social good.” [...]

  • To Mama With Love
    John and I met in Tanzania an amazing woman called Mama Lucy who has built and runs an English medium elementary school in Arusha, Tanzania. We were also lucky to meet her American supporters whose technical and social media savvy enabled them to raise the money for Mama Lucy’s school. [...]

  • To Mama with LOVE
    Mothers Day is just around the corner! A few times a year Epic Change hosts some really incredible social media fundraisers, but with a great catch in the process; TweetsGiving was started to Tweet your Thanks to help raise money for the Shepards Junior School outside of Arusha, Tanzania, which has not only built a school to educate 400 students but has also started to build a boarding house for a secondary school for these children. [...]

  • To Mama With Love 2011
    There is no greater gift than the love of a mother, whether that be your own, or that of Mother Earth. As Mother’s Day approaches, an incredible charity, Epic Change, has created a new campaign, To Mama With Love, designed as a collaborative online art project to honor moms across the globe and raise funds to invest in remarkable women who create hope in our world. [...]

  • To Mama, With Love
    We moved a lot when I was a kid. And many of those moves interrupted my mother's career paths as a hospital administrator, educator, and more. I tend to remember those periods as pretty 'good life' ones for me -- my mom was home all of the time, she cooked and baked tasty treats, took us on local adventures and daily library expeditions, made us clothing and costumes, and helped us make the adjustments to new communities, schools, heartbreaks, and joys. [...]

  • Do You Love Your Mama? [VIDEO]
    A woman in Tanzania once sold chickens to raise money to build a primary school and now teaches over 400 children a year. A woman in Nepal is working to get children out of the slums and provide them education, food and a safe place to live. Another woman works to educate girls in Kabul, starting when Afghanistan was still ruled by the Taliban and continuing the work today. A New Jersey woman who fell in love with the children of Nepal used her life savings to start a school and a children's home. [...]

  • i have a lot of moms....
    this year, in observance of mothers day, i am supporting an amazing organization called 'to mama with love.' to honor mothers everywhere, they ask each of us to share the love we feel for our own mothers - and other formative female figures in our lives - by sharing art and raising funds to support women around the globe who are changing our world. i encourage you to read more about them and then to do something about it. [...]

  • To Mama With Love
    There are many things that I am grateful to my mom for. That would take way too long to whittle down in one letter so I am going to focus on what she DIDN’T do. Mom, thank you for not thinking any question that I asked was stupid, or not worth your time. No matter the subject or relevance, you always answered, told me where to find the answer, or we would learn the answer together. [...]

  • Let the Love Bombing Begin! “To Mama WIth Love” Launches
    Today, I join with thousands of amazing, caring people in a worldwide project to honor the mothers of the world, and to raise funds to support four amazing “Mamas.” [...]

  • How to Create Love Online: To Mama With Love Starts Today
    Today is the official launch of To Mama With Love, a collaborative online art project that honors moms across the globe and raises funds to invest in remarkable women who are transforming our world. [...]

  • Lead by Example
    I’ve been planning this blog post since long before I even thought about starting a blog. Last May, I watched a fundraising campaign unfold on Twitter and it was unlike anything I had seen before. I tried to follow along but I was relatively new to the Twitter world and instead just watched from the sidelines. The campaign was called To Mama With Love and I read enough about it to get the basic gist of what it was all about, but I was still too nervous to jump in. [...]

  • to mama with love
    this is a very personal post for a very good cause. mother’s day is BS. it started off cool—and in philadelphia—until hallmark hijacked it. what remains cool are mothers. in all their shapes and forms. [...]

  • Can love change the world? I hope so!
    I have talked many times before about the way we as nonprofit organizations and changemakers set our goals. [...]

  • Once Again, To Mama, With Love
    For Mother’s Day last year, I didn’t buy my mother an expensive gift, or take her out to dinner, or do any of the things that would, no doubt, make a lot of marketers and companies happy. It’s not that I didn’t want to do them. I would have loved to have been able to spend some one-on-one time with my mom, for example. [...]