Renu Shah Bagaria is the founder of Koseli, a center for children in Kathmandu, Nepal, who, due to their economic circumstances and the country's recent civil war, live in the city's streets and slums. Koseli, which means "gift", provides education, food and tender loving care for over 65 young students, and hosts an adult education program for local women. More >>
At 19, New Jersey native Maggie Doyne used her life savings from babysitting to start Kopila Valley children's home in Nepal, where, with a team of local advisors, faculty and staff, she's now raising over 40 children, and educating hundreds of local students. More >>
Recently named one of TIME's 100 most influential people, Suraya Pakzad is an outspoken Afghan activist on behalf of the rights of women and girls. She originally founded the Voice of Women Organization (VWO) to educate girls in Kabul in secret schools under the Taliban, and has since expanded to support women and children throughout Afghanistan. More >>
Mama Lucy Kamptoni sold chickens in her Tanzanian village & turned her income into a school that provides quality education to hundreds of local children who now consistently rank among the best and brightest in her country. More >>

To Mama With Love supports Epic Change's mission to amplify the visibility & impact of grassroots changemakers. Funds raised will be invested to expand the efforts of these four extraordinary women.

In the US alone, $14.6B is spent annually on Mother's Day for "stuff" that could just never say what's in our hearts. What if instead, we all just unleashed that love on the world? How would it impact our world if we stopped using stuff as a surrogate for love? What if we invested that love to make the world a better place for Mamas & children everywhere?

To Mama With Love is a collaborative online art project that honors moms across the globe and raises funds to invest in remarkable women who are transforming our world. Scheduled for May 3-8, 2011, the site invites participants to create socially shareable "heartspaces" that include words, videos, photos & investments in honor of mamas they love.

Originally launched in 2010 by US nonprofit Epic Change, To Mama With Love appeared at the top of Mashable's 2010 lists of 4 Innovative Social Good Campaigns for Education and 9 Creative Social Good Campaigns Worth Recognizing. In less than a week leading up to Mother's Day, the site raised nearly $17,000, which was invested to build a children's home in Arusha, Tanzania. Construction is already complete, and children have now become residents of this home built from love.